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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Behind the Song: Eye of the Storm

Hurricane Matthew was barreling towards our community and it seemed like fear was rising by the minute. It was supposed to be the worst storm to hit our county in over 100 years. We were expecting the worst! At Hope FM it's our goal to offer hope and peace in the midst of life's storms, whether they have anything to do with the weather or not. We were on the air doing that, and boarding up the windows at the same time.

Me with Ryan at the Christian Music Broadcasters
Momentum conference, September 2016
As we got closer to the storm's impact, then during the hurricane and it's aftermath, one thing I noticed as I scrolled Facebook (what else do you do when the power is out and you still have a charge on your phone?) People were sharing the video and the lyrics of the song Eye of the Storm by Ryan Stevenson. Over and over again!

Shortly after the storm, I played the song one morning and received a call from a listener. She said her niece, Laney, wanted to know if Ryan Stevenson had actually lost a child like the lyrics of the song stated. I told her I didn't know, but I do know the songs we play are by artists who are living the life, not just talking about it...but I'd find out for sure.

Having met Ryan a couple months ago, I do know that he's a very humble and sincere guy.  When I got him on the phone and asked Laney's question, I wasn't exactly ready for such a personal and transparent answer. You can hear it for yourself:

He was also quite humbled when I asked what he thought about people quoting his song and being so encouraged by it during the storms of their lives:

I so enjoyed my conversation with Ryan and can't wait to hear other songs from him! He is truly grateful to know his music is a help and encouragement to others, and his sincere appreciation was refreshing to me!  

He and his family are in the process of moving to Nashville from the Pacific Northwest.  A big transition, so keep them in your prayers.

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