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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Be An Informed Voter!

Between all the ads, the signs everywhere, and (please make it stop!) the opinions on Facebook, it's hard to know who to vote for.

Decide what to do about the presidency on your own...I want to talk about our local representatives.

A couple of BIG races that affect a vast amount of people here in Putnam as well as several surrounding counties, are the ones for State Senate and Congress.

So I wanted to be sure everyone got to listen to the heart behind the people with their names on the ballots.  These forums were recorded to air on Hope FM, but I want the people in the rest of the district to get to hear them as well.

The districts were redrawn during this last year so it's all new territory. Listen and decide for yourself!

U.S. Representative District 3 candidates Ted Yoho, Ken McGurn and Tom Wells:

State Senate District 8 candidates Keith Perry and Rod Smith:

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