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Monday, October 24, 2016

Hurricane Relief

If you had damage from Hurricane Matthew, assistance is available!  I've been trying to help get the word out on Hope FM, so here's the details on what to do if you had damage, from the experts themselves.  This is for anyone in any of the counties that have been declared as disaster areas that qualify for assistance. 

First: Start with your own insurance. File a claim.  

Then contact FEMA. There are things they can help with, such as my neighbors that had to rent a place while their home is being repaired. There's 2 months of rent that will be paid, what a huge help to a family that's overwhelmed by being displaced, to at least not have to worry about that. Call 800-621-3362.

Then there's the Small Business Administration.  Not just for businesses! Among other things, they offer loans to homeowners that need to make repairs. Call 800-659-2955.

Even if you don't end up needing their services, having signed up with them for disaster assistance will help you later if you do need it.

And please! Be alert and aware that disasters bring out scam artists.  If someone says they are from FEMA and need to verify any information, don't give out anything other than your claim number. Never give out your social security or banking information!  There are impostors out there trying to pose as FEMA inspectors.  Also good to know that FEMA does not charge anything for their inspections. If someone tries to charge you a fee, they're not really with FEMA.

Check out my interview with the representatives from FEMA and SBA and share it with others that may need to know how to get the help they need and how to avoid any scam artists.

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