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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Secret Life of a Fool

I recently read the book by Andrew Palau, The Secret Life of a Fool...One Man's Raw Journey From Shame To Grace
Andrew is the son of Luis Palau, a man I greatly respect and admire.  It's his radio show that has acquainted us with the work of the Palau Evangelistic Association.  I immediately wondered how bad Andrew's journey "from shame to grace" could possibly have been.  Not only did he grow up in a strong Christian household under the leadership of an international evangelist, but I've met Luis Palau.  He's the real deal!  A kind, genuine person with incredible faith.  How could his kid stray too far?

But that's what keeps Luis Palau "in business" so-to-speak.  Choosing to follow Christ and surrender to Him is a personal decision, no matter who your daddy is!  Andrew shares pretty openly about his own journey, struggles and searching in a way that will have you cheering for him throughout the book.  But it's also heartbreaking to wonder how his parents must have felt along the way.  

Besides an incredibly inspiring story, I also learned through the forward of the book that he and TobyMac are related: they married sisters! It was Toby's insistence that Andrew share some of his stories with others that inspired the writing of the book.

It was my honor to speak with Andrew about the book, and my pleasure to recommend that you read it immediately!  Here's more of what Andrew had to say:

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