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Sunday, July 1, 2012


When I started my weight loss journey a year and a half ago I had some pretty basic goals:
Eat better, move more, pray about it.
I figured if I could make better choices with my food and the amount of it, that would be beneficial, rather than too difficult to stick with.

I figured if I could just choose to move more rather than be forced to adhere to a particular strict workout schedule then I'd be more likely to achieve success.  

Turns out for the first time in my life I was right about something when it came to my weight issue!  Of course the prayer part is what brought that into reality.

For a while now I've been at a plateau.  People keep seeing me and saying how amazed they are at the way I look and how much weight I've lost.  But I'm just not feelin' it. For a variety of reasons, I've lost the motivation I had, though I think I found it today in my girl Erin's blog

It's another simple way of looking at what I'm doing and how to stay on track.  When it comes to the choices I am making either with what I'm eating or my amount of movement I need to look ahead and wonder how I will feel after.  

My goal now is to ask, "Will I be proud of myself or disappointed in myself?"  
  • Disappointed in myself for sitting on the couch reading on Facebook about all the stuff people are doing, or proud of myself for getting up and doing something I would want to post?  
  • Disappointed in myself for eating a second serving of Stacy's awesome enchiladas or proud of myself for being satisfied with the first plate and eating some fruit if I'm still hungry? 
  • Proud of myself for taking the dogs on a walk even though it was only 10 minutes or disappointed in myself for just watching them run around the yard?  
This simple outlook could be so helpful in other areas of life, too. As the Apostle Paul so wisely pointed out, we seem to do what we say we don't want to do, yet don't do what we say we ought to do.   It's a paradox in dieting, addiction, apathy and just about every area of sin in life.  My new goal is to ask myself that question and try to be wise enough to choose correctly at least most of the time.  After all, I'd much rather experience freedom by being proud of myself than disappointed in myself because of a simple choice.


  1. Hi Robin!

    More times than I can count, I've witnessed the same thing: Sitting on a plateau that is covered in glue! You just cannot seem to budge the scale -ANY scale, whether it's the one that tells you how many pounds you are, or ones that measure your energy level; the scales of smaller dress sizes, better health, etc.

    So, I think, with your permission, I would like to borrow your question, use my own "objectives" and make a visual reminder that I may print out and place before me to help me remember; then get going back to what I know worked for me!

    Who knows, maybe we can break free from this plateau and the "glue" that's holding us back from continuing on our healthy journey!!

    I just read your friends (Erin) blog. Her closing statement on her first part hit me in the face (so-to-speak)! I quote, "I was proud of me for finishing, and I hadn't been proud of myself in a long time."

    As Christians, we are taught not to be "proud" - and I agree, but there is a certain "pride of accomplishment" that I think most of us miss (myself included!!) It is not the pride of boasting, but the pride of "well done, good and faithful servant" (Matthew 25:21) And you and Erin have helped me to see this kind of "pride" is absolutely necessary to our "well-being".

    So, thank you, my dear friend, again(!!!) for the help the Lord has given me through you! Now it is time for me to turn off my computer and go move!!

    With love to you and Stacy,

  2. Thank you for your encouragement, Jocelyn! And just as you mentioned, "healthy journey" it reminded me that a journey isn't always a straight line from point-a to point-b. It's got stuff off the beaten path that can be good or bad, but all part of it. Breaking free with you! :)