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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Walking Off the Weight

I went for my evening walk yesterday, pondering what I'd just read in a magazine. An article was saying that just 30 minutes of walking each day would help to lower weight. Of course everywhere you look there are promises of every size to make us want to try just about anything!

But this one, I really have found to be true. And I've come to enjoy my daily journey with my doggies more than I ever thought I would. It's a great time to reflect, pray, or just think about nothing!

There are some obstacles, though. So many people with very busy lives often wonder how in the world they'd fit in 30 minutes! Or they think that it would be boring. What I used to struggle with is feeling like I needed to be accomplishing something rather than just out meandering.

So here are my suggestions to make taking a walk a priority as well as fun:
  • My dogs look forward to it even more than I do and it's great for their health, too. (I am reminded of the vet calling my precious BelleBelle "moderately chunky") If you don't have a dog of your own, borrow one! Maybe you've got an elderly neighbor or church member that just can't get out to walk their dog. Pup and owner would love you for it!
  • Grow your friendships at the same time. What a great way to spend time chatting with a friend. You don't need the extra calories of a pastry and latte, so lace up your sneakers and hit the trails to also spend some much needed friend time.
  • Help a mother out! Besides having a friend to walk and talk with a mom you know might be dreaming of someone to come take her little one for a long walk in their stroller or little red wagon, so she could have a little time alone at home or to run errands.
  • Listen up! If you think you don't have time to walk and don't have time to read, it's a great way to do both. We used to call it "book on tape" but of course now you can download entire audio books or podcasts on your phone or mp3 player. Shape up your mind and body at the same time. Or of course, listen to the radio!!
Some days I don't have time or energy to work out. But if I can at least take my walk I feel like I've accomplished something. It's helped me to continue with my major diet/get healthy plan of eating better and moving more.

Lace up and let's go!!

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