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Friday, July 1, 2011

For the Girls

I've had the problem of a blessing all my life.

Being well-endowed has it's rewards and challenges. For as long as I can remember, bra shopping is #1 on the challenge list. Here's how the trip to the department store goes...pick out about 20 of these harnesses, spend an hour getting discouraged dancing around in the dressing room praying that at least one of them fits well enough to wear, and hope the thing's on sale.

No matter how much moving and stretching is done in the fitting room, actually wearing the thing doing real-life activities for 5-10 minutes is the litmus test. I have drawers full of brassieres that never got worn past those few minutes. I guess I thought I couldn't take them back once I ripped off the tags! Then I end up back in whatever old worn-out thing I started with, more frustrated than ever...and broke.

For years I've been uncomfortable and unsupported. But not any more! I'm happy to share a secret to happiness for women and their girls everywhere: The Pink Door.

Someone who knows what she's doing measures you and actually fits you in a bra that will work for you. Wow, what a concept. I thought they only did specialty stuff like post-mastectomy garments, I wish I'd checked into that a long time ago!! They actually have something to fit me...and I didn't even know what size I was. For years I've just grabbed an armload of the biggest ones I could find and hoped for the best. My size was way off, and the regular stores don't even carry what I need. Even the plus-size shops.

These little gems (ok, big gems) cost more than the department store bras, and that was a little hard to digest at first. But they are much better made and they fit! Not to mention the service is top-notch. Don't suffer another day with less than adequate support!! Do your girls a favor and go see Susan at the Pink Door!!

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  1. Robin I have a scripture for your Pink door blog today. Isaiah 26:19 Their boobies oops bodies will the Pink Door. Please god for give my humor!!!!

    Judy P