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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Silver Springs

2011 makes it 30 years I've lived in North Central/North East Florida. Somehow I never made it to Silver Springs in all those years....until today! I think I avoided it thinking it wouldn't be of interest to me, but I was wrong.

Had I expected a typical theme park with all sorts of dazzling entertainment, then disappointing it certainly would have been. But they accurately describe it as "Nature's Theme Park" and that puts it into perspective. It's like going hiking on a nature trail and seeing all the native plants, animals and waterways, but with a tour guide and clean restrooms along the way!

This tree trunk grew in a big circle. I wonder how old it is?

The gardens are beautiful, the Silver River and springs impressive, and the history lesson quite intriguing. Entertaining boat captains aren't too bad either. There were a few things that weren't open today, maybe due to it being the day after a holiday weekend, or a weekday, but for the most part we enjoyed what we did see with almost no one else there. In less than three hours we'd seen it/done it all, thankfully hardly any lines helped make that possible.

I wonder how many people like me have just never tried Silver Springs? Maybe they've been there and didn't see it worth returning. Or they've been many times, seeing how old the place is. Filled with rich history and interesting notables, like being a location where many movies and shows have been filmed. For a little more than the day's admission price we could have purchased a season pass, which includes Wild Waters as well. Work up a sweat enjoying Silver Springs then go splash next door. What a deal!!

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  1. We love Silver Springs. I remember going when I was younger and we took our family there 2 years ago. The kids look forward to going back. Ocala is such a sweet town and Silver Springs seems to be its heart.