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Thursday, June 23, 2011

What Works for Me

Today marks losing 40 pounds since the beginning of the year. *YAY!*

Over the years any time I see someone that's lost a lot of weight the first question is...come on, say it with me...."How did you do it?" Like they're going to say they found some magic pill or formula that enabled them to lose tons of weight without having to actually learn to eat right and exercise; and certainly they'll share it with me for free. (Of course illness or major surgery are a different scenario.) But for the most part everyone that's done it has found something that worked for them and they stuck with it.

I've done it. A few times. I certainly hope this is the last time I lose this same 40 lbs! Someone asked me the other day what I get when eating out. So I thought I'd give my top picks for restaurants. But first a couple of wise-gal answers:
  1. Order something completely opposite of what you usually get and would really enjoy having!
  2. Go with someone who is a healthy eater and let them order for you so you don't have to think about it!
  3. Seriously, a little preparation goes a long way. Go to the restaurant's website and look at the nutritional info. You can decide what you're ordering before you ever walk in the door and smell all the stuff that would sabotage your diet. Plus, many times you'll find they have a printable coupon. cha-ching!
My top picks are all salads, but then again I really don't eat out that much. And these are all really good and very filling.
  • #1 The BIG Salad at Sonny's. You can chose the meat you want, but the best option is smoked turkey. Only 253 calories. Be sure to go with fat-free or light dressing. I like the fat-free honey mustard.
  • #2 The new Fresh Farmers Market Salad selections at Quiznos. They are low-calorie. I really liked the Harvest Chicken, it had: honey-dijon chicken, grapes, apples, dried cranberries, cucumbers, tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, lettuce. Now how in the world it was only 220 calories is a mystery to me because it was big and really fabulous! One caution is the dressing that comes with it adds 230 calories. But a little balsamic vinaigrette would still be tasty and a better calorie option.
  • #3 The Big Catch Salad at Beef-O-Brady's. Grilled or blackened fish with plenty of veggies and fresh grated Parmesan cheese. Yummy!
So what are your top picks for eating out and sticking to a healthy plan?

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