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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Getting Back My Mojo

Mid-November.  My birthday.  One decision:  have a cupcake.

It seems things went downhill from there!

My resolve to eat no desserts and keep sugar out of my diet took a nosedive.  For almost 4 years I've done really well with my healthy eating efforts and have kept the weight off. 

But once I had that cupcake I was like a drug addict, wondering when I'd get another fix.  There was pie on Thanksgiving and a few treats here and there...until one night I thought I would absolutely DIE if I didn't have a pile of cookies!

All through the Christmas season and New Year celebrations it was so easy to indulge. So I figured I'd just wait till I got it all out of my system and get back on track.  It's hard to do but here I am.  Starting over with my clothes too tight and my confidence a bit rattled.  

Time to renew my efforts and remind myself that I don't have to remain derailed for the rest of my life.  Deuteronomy 30 talks about the choice we have for life or death.  I know when I'm eating right I feel better.  My life is better.  I want that ALL the time!  Verses 19-20 sum it up so well:
“Today I have given you the choice between life and death, between blessings and curses. Now I call on heaven and earth to witness the choice you make. Oh, that you would choose life, so that you and your descendants might live! You can make this choice by loving the Lord your God, obeying him, and committing yourself firmly to him. This is the key to your life. And if you love and obey the Lord, you will live long in the land the Lord swore to give your ancestors Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.”
Choosing to follow the Lord and take care of the body he's entrusted to me is once again renewed.  I hope you'll join me!  

Here's one of my favorite healthy meals.  Even Stacy says it makes ground turkey delicious and that's hard to do!

  • 1 package Plainville Farms Ground Turkey (from Publix-the best ground turkey available and usually the least expensive!)
  • 2-3 med to large yellow squash, sliced in small chunks
  • 1 onion, sliced in bite-size pieces
  • 8 oz package of mushrooms, sliced
  • garlic
  • handful of sliced bell peppers
  • adjust the ingredients to whatever veggies you like or have on hand. sometimes I throw in a couple handfuls of spinach or chopped kale.
Season turkey as desired.  Brown in skillet with a little olive oil and crushed garlic.   Throw in all the veggies and sprinkle with salt and pepper.  Add some parsley flakes or any other seasoning.  If it's too dry for your taste, use a little more olive oil or chicken broth.  Serve as-is or over rice.  I like it with Trader Joe's Brown Rice Blend.

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