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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Blended Can Be Beautiful!

Families have struggles of all kinds.  But blended families, or stepfamilies, have their own unique challenges.  But blended can be beautiful!

Our friends at FamilyLife have seen the need to provide added resources for blended families, and they've partnered with marriage and family therapist, counselor, author and conference speaker Ron Deal to bring us a new one-minute radio feature with daily snippets of hope for those who may need more resources in their blender!  Plus, on their website and Facebook page there are tons of resources to choose from.

I've already heard from a mom who told me how excited she was to hear FamilyLife Blended on Hope FM because it speaks right into her family's situation.  And it helps those like me understand what life is like for blended families.

I had the chance to speak to Ron a little more about the program, here's the interview in case you missed it:

Meeting Ron at the Christian Music Broadcasters convention last month was a pleasure!  He's the real "deal" in person as well as on the radio.  :)

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