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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Coffee Confessions

I remember my grandmother telling me years ago, "I never enjoyed coffee so much as when I started drinking it black."  I thought she was crazy. 

Prior to beginning my weight loss journey last January, I thoroughly enjoyed my coffee every morning.  Actually what I enjoyed was the delicious flavored creamer and sugar, the coffee was just a vehicle to deliver the sweet flavorful caffeine!

The calorie count was way to high to justify so I decided to switch to drinking coffee black.  Grandma's sentiment (and the thoughts of giving up coffee all together!) rang in my head those first few days as I made a brew using the grounds in an econo-size canister of store brand coffee we had at work, which only days before was perfectly fine with that rich french vanilla added in. 

Then one day I went to Subway for breakfast (mmm...flatbread) and got a cup of coffee.  It was just plain black but tasted so much better than usual.  How can this be?  Until I noticed the brand:  Seattle's Best.

I promptly found out they have Seattle's Best at the grocery store so I got a coupon and decided to try it out.  
I always thought coffee was coffee.  Why pay more for different brands, what's the big deal?  Per ounce it may cost more than the mega can, but it sure does taste better. I've even bought it regular price without a coupon, that's saying a lot!!  Overall you spend much less making it at home than buying a cup at a coffeehouse.

I've gotten into the habit of brewing my coffee and sitting in the living room to read and have quiet time each morning.  Favorite mug, comfy chair, dog curled up with's the simple things in life that make the whole day better.  

By now you may be wondering what the point is to this blog article or if I'm doing commercials for these companies.  Nope.  Just thinking about taste testing a few brands.  What do you think?


  1. Always looking for a good taste in coffee, I decided to give Seattle's Best a try. However, I could only find one decaf option for that brand (I cannot drink caffeine) - #3. I made some and drank it black but didn't like it as much as with splenda in it.

    As for other decaf brands I like: Millstone & Breakfast Blend. Both have flavors in the decaf and I find it much more enjoyable to drink.

    Enjoy your coffee:-)

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  3. I am looking for a good coffee that when it gets cold it doesn't taste like a cigarette; yes there is a brand that does this. I have tried Jamaican coffee and enjoyed it too. I enjoy creamers in my coffee and I've taken the sugar out. I still see a difference in my waste line for the good. I'm looking forward to a coffee taste test.

  4. have found the true joy of coffee!!! Black is best and with all the different've just opened yourself to a brand new world! Enjoy my friend...enjoy!