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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Being an Answer to Prayer

Within the Christian radio industry there are some real rock stars to me.  Not the artists, though many of them are quite amazing.  The heroes to me are people sitting in studios writing and creating compelling content and sharing it with the world.  Their world may be a station's reach of 20-30 miles such as mine, or some major network that spans the country.  Either way I've come to admire many folks.  Some of them I've recognized at conferences or events by hearing them speak a word.  It was like meeting the president! 

As much as I've loved some of the artists over the years and been thrilled to meet my favs, like Sara Groves or Casting Crowns, I have been most awestruck to meet the writers and producers of those little one minute promos that get you thinking, giving or changing your life.

On Friday morning I sent an email to one such person who is now sharing some of his creativity in a way that will soon transform the connectivity level of Hope FM.  In response I was told that I was an answer to his prayer that morning. Wow.  God never ceases to amaze me.  That He would allow me to be an answer to prayer to someone that I think so highly of....reminds me of the lyrics to the old song by Trace Balin**:
Like a light in the darkness
A song in the night
Just the right words
At just the right time
Tomorrow, today
You may be someone's answer to prayer
What a privilege to be used by God in that way.  I want to live like that!  Living life with purpose and being used by God to help and encourage others.  Where could you do that?  You don't have to be on the radio or work in ministry.  It can be part of who we are, not an occasional happening.  

Yeah, I wanna LIVE LIKE THAT!! 

**and redone quite well by Alex Edmonds!


  1. Again...outstanding! You are such an encouragement! I really do miss seeing you.

  2. Thanks, Jen! You're too sweet. Been praying for y'all!!