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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Don't Drink Your Calories!

People are always asking me what I've done to lose the weight.  One of the first changes I made that has really paid big dividends is not drinking calories.  I used to really enjoy my coffee in the morning, until I realized:
  • Coffee:  5 calories
  • Creamer:  approx. 200
  • Sugar:  approx. 60
Ouch!  Sticking to 1200 calories a day and enjoying food as much as I do, it was a no-brainer to quit the coffee habit.  I have learned to drink it black.  It's still not my preference, but neither was the size I was in!!

I've long-since given up fully loaded sodas, and they are certainly big no-no's when it comes to dieting.  There's about 100 calories in a one-cup serving of cola.  One cup is 8 oz.  How many ounces are in those big cups at the convenience store or drive through? 

Drinking water has so many health benefits, and the calorie savings to dieters is assuredly worth it.  It takes a little getting used to doing the swap but after a while you really crave water.  And the good news is you can eat more yummy stuff when you're not drinking all your calories.

Even if you don't have tons of weight to lose as I did, give it a try and let me know what you think.  Getting all that sugar out of your system will help you feel better (after a few days, anyway!)


  1. What if you are just drinking 2 cups (ok 24 oz) cream no sugar? I'm just not sure I could do w/o my mojo coffee...LOL. But then again, I drink water for the rest of the day, maybe a tea every now and again. I do agree with you however, you should not "drink" your calories, that is unless that is part of your lifestyle. My Mike drinks a protein shake every morning for breakfast (otherwise he would not eat at all). So super proud of you!

  2. Thanks, Jen! Well that's what I coffee has so few calories, your 24oz is probably 15 calories. For many folks the amount of calories in beverages is so shocking, but you've already got that figured out! I have yet to try the kettleball workout, so thanks for posting about it, I want to check it out.