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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day of School!

School starts today!

God bless my mom, she did a whole lotta driving when we were kids. Considering the fact that I practically lived at the skating rink on the opposite end of town, she sure spent a lot of time behind the wheel. Not to mention the piano lessons, my brother's various activities...and me winning prizes as often as Kiss105 would allow me!

Too bad we didn't have what the Putnam County School District is offering kids and parents: after school programs with all sorts of academic and enrichment opportunities. Plus transportation home at the end of the day. What a deal! Check it out here or get the application at your school's front office.

Last week: Chinese Take-Out. This week: homemade goodness! Your own sweet-n-sour chicken is easy as ever in the slowcooker, thanks to this recipe from Kraft Foods.

If you've got a quick-n-easy recipe that make weeknights a breeze at your house, share it with me! If I use it on the air I'll give you a great Hope FM prize. :)

Today is also election day! Get out and VOTE!

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