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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Life Lessons Learned From Bowling

I haven't been bowling in years. Except for the occasional game of Wii, it's just not even something I thought of. That is, until Putnam Lanes remodeled and reopened. They were kind enough to give Hope FM staff and volunteers a couple of hours of free bowling to come try it out. We had a blast!

I was good for one game. Between my turn at the lane I was taking pictures and socializing, which I found to be much more fun than the game itself. Cheering others on as they rolled the ball was great. And in thinking about it the next morning, here's what I came up with:

When you realize scores don't matter and just enjoy playing the game you can have a lot of fun! My score was pathetic and any true bowler wouldn't want me on their team. But, who cares?

Improper equipment can hinder your performance. Make sure you've got the right gear! I started out with the cool purple ball. After a couple of goes at it I thought it was too heavy so I switched to a lighter one, even though it was a not-so-beautiful orange. One of the guys, Charlie, was kind enough to tell me it was probably why my scores went down. He said the finger holes were too small so I wasn't throwing as well. Turns out he was right!! I went back to the purple one. The end result score was already too damaged, but it sure was fun to actually get a few points.

Technology makes it easier but doesn't teach you how to do it! I remember the last time I went bowling~and it makes me feel old~but there were score sheets and little baby pencils. And lots of figuring. You had to know how to keep score. I was always all-for someone else being the permanent scorekeeper if I was playing! Now they have fancy computer systems and cool graphics. You don't do a thing but throw that ball. But I still don't actually know how to keep score during bowling. Which makes me happy with my first realization that it's about enjoying the moment and having fun with the friends and family around you, scoring well is just a bonus.

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