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Monday, June 26, 2017

Awakening Crazy Faith

I've always felt that having a high level of faith is one of my best assets. But a big faith is not the same as a crazy faith! 

After hearing John Waller's story, maybe you and I will be inspired to stretch our faith, to awaken crazy faith within ourselves!  

Here's the interview in case you missed it:

I enjoyed speaking with him about his song that I've enjoyed playing on Hope FM, and learning more about Crazy Faith Coffee.  It's more than just selling java, it's sharing the crazy faith stories of people who dared to step out and do something big.  And it's helping to raise money to accomplish great things.

Here's a super fun video of the song.

Plus! He'll be coming to Palatka for a concert on Sunday August 20th at 6pm at Grace Fellowship. We'll have a chance to check out his coffee and his music.  Hope you'll join us! 

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