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Friday, March 11, 2016

Gone Fishin'

Cliff Prince
Next week a ton of guests will be coming into our little town for a huge event: the BASS Bassmaster Elite Series fishing tournament will kick off their season on the St. Johns River. Putnam County is quite fortunate to be hosting the event again this year! It's a nice chance for two of our hometown anglers to bring their sport back to their home turf...err...waterways!

Besides fun for those who fish, they'll have daily boat launches and weigh-ins open to the public, with a festival surrounding the tournament on Saturday and Sunday with tons of fun for the kids and an expo with all sorts of stuff grownups will want to check out.

Terry Scroggins
Hometown boys Cliff Prince and Terry Scroggins stopped by Hope FM (with another angler, Hank Cherry) for a visit to help promote the event and share a little about what they do.  I figure it's every man's dream to fish for a living!  And it's my job to tell the community what a great opportunity this is to take in a fun event as well as showcase our river and surroundings.

It begins at the riverfront park on Thursday, March 17 and goes through Sunday March 20.

If you missed the interview check it out here:

Cliff and Terry also brought along another angler, Hank Cherry.

Cliff Prince and Terry "Big Show" Scroggins of the BASSmaster Elite Series, visiting Hope FM before the tournament.

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