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Friday, August 22, 2014

Legend or Legacy?

I must admit.  Her music has never really been my "cup of tea," but I did accept the offer to interview legendary Christian music artist Sandi Patty to help promote Jacksonville's Night of Inspiration.  By the time we hung up from that brief call I was a BIG Sandi fan.  

She's won more awards than anyone in any genre: five Grammy Awards, four Billboard Music Awards, and forty Dove Awards including being named Female Vocalist of the Year for an astounding eleven consecutive years.  So to be quite honest, I figured I'd be talking to a diva that some concert promoter forced to make a 5 minute phone call.  Boy, was I ever wrong. 

She was a joy to talk to.  A real person who shared about her real life.  What impacted me the most was asking her to lead us in the Lord's Prayer.  It's something we pray every day at noon on Hope FM.  Most people we ask to record this for us do a fine job of reciting the prayer.  Not Sandi.  Not unlike standing on the stage singing We Shall Behold Him, she ushered us into God's very presence, as she wholeheartedly led this prayer. I was both smiling ear-to-ear and choking back tears, hoping no one glanced in the studio at that moment!  

She's an absolute legend and has earned every honor.  But in talking to her I realized there's something much deeper and important to her than the endless accolades.  She's leaving a legacy around the world by being an exemplary Christ-follower: mentoring the next generations of artists, serving in her local church, and walking out the command Jesus gave to let other people know we're His by the love we have for each other.  Way to go, Sandi! 

We're all leaving a legacy.  Some will never be touted in the media or recorded in a studio, but we all have a responsibility and an opportunity.  What kind of a legacy are you leaving?

Here's the interview if you'd like to check it out:


  1. It's nice to hear how God uses His people in unique ways to draw us to Himself.

  2. Great story! I remember hearing part of Sandi's story years ago at a WOF conference. Like you, that style of music is not my favorite, but I do love listening to her sing.