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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Party Time!
I was so fortunate to be chosen to host a Party More with Hasbro Gaming House Party from the great folks at
They sent an amazing party pack filled with everything needed to have a lot of fun!  Two of my most favorite games were included:  Taboo and Catch Phrase.  Both of them are so much fun with a group of people.  It also came with something that got rave reviews: Draw Something Party.  Stacy loved it - of course he's a good artist!  But even those of us who are lacking in artistic abilities enjoyed it.  One other game was Funny Or Die, which we didn't have enough time to get to.  We could play Catch Phrase alone for several hours!! 
Some things were very hard to describe....and very funny!!
Besides great party supplies they also sent a nice sampling of a new type of Cheetos that were delicious!  Best of all, coupons for more Cheetos and $$$ off Hasbro games.  What more could a hostess ask for? 
Our House Party created big fans of Hasbro and Cheetos!  :)
A fun time was had by all!
I am totally impressed with and sure hope they'll pick me again to host a fun time with friends to get to know other great products!!

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