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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Love of God

I was thinking about how there are so many things we disagree on.

Like communion. In some churches they believe juice or wine and bread turn into the actual blood and body of Christ.  Or, can you lose your salvation?  And let's not get into the whole rapture discussion.

I'm not smart enough to debate anyone on issues that for millennia no one has agreed on.  But here's what I do know: God's love covers.  

The Bible says it covers a multitude of sins.  It covers misunderstandings, covers disagreements.

And when we extend the love of God to someone that needs to know it, it comes across much better from Christ followers that aren't arguing over pointless things or un-winable arguments.  Those things don't make us more spiritual, it makes us more religious.  

The religious people are the ones Jesus stayed away from, so he could do things like heal the sick and share a meal with someone that needed to know the love and forgiveness of a gracious God.  

YOU may be the only one they ever hear that from.  So....who could you have lunch with today that might need to know that message?  Or invite to dinner to share a meal with your family?  

Thanks to Mike Patz for the inspiration.  :)

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