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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Why We Serve

At Hope FM we are community-minded.  Yes, our top priority is to serve God.  One of the ways we do that is by serving the people of our community.  During the month of July we were quite busy with candidate forums. Never before have so many local people been seeking election to local offices.  We feel it's our privilege to let our listeners and voters of our community get to know them through non-biased forums.  I felt we were able to do that because we gave each candidate the opportunity to speak for themselves, to answer questions and to share their heart.  Unlike other media, we do not accept money from candidates for advertising, nor do we endorse any candidate or party.  So, yes, I feel fully confident in saying we are truly unbiased and non-partisan.

We also advertise for other non-profit organizations in our community.  When a ministry or service organization has a need for financial or material donations, we don't think "Oh no, if I tell our listeners those people need donations, they may not donate to us!" because we know God is the provider of everything!  We do food drives when our pantries have bare shelves.  We host blood drives when the needs override the supply.  We send our folks to volunteer when a project needs a few more hands.  It's just what we do.  Because that's what serving God looks like: serving others in His name.

In the past week two large donations were hand delivered from donors.  Not that they are more valuable to us because they gave more money, but they were particularly special to me. The timing was perfect.  The amounts were generous.  But more than anything, both times it said to me in a big way that God is pleased with what we are doing here at Hope FM.  It's like a pat on the back with a "Good job!" affirmation; and a reminder that all this is His and He always provides. 

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