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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Secret to Great Abs

A quick google search for ab exercises yields millions of results. Certainly not going to achieve great abs by reading through those for the ones you're actually going to try.

When I started at the gym in January, Leanne the trainer would have me do a few reps of ab exercises after each workout. I seriously thought I was going to die. Surely the same google search would show people have died from these torturous routines, right?

As the weeks went on, I did what I could with each new exercise she showed me. It was about 4 months later, having lost some weight, that I felt a lump in my lower abdominal area. I was a bit concerned (ok, freaked out) and shared with my husband I thought I might have something wrong with me...a scary lump. He laughed and told me the lump was called MUSCLE! Now that 5 more months have gone by I am truly noticing a difference. Not just ab muscles but the rest of me shaping up. It is amazing to me!!

sidenote: Just typing this feels quite boastful, but then again that's what blogs are for.

Ok, so the secret, right? Here it is: Sticking With It!!

It doesn't matter which one of the hundreds of ab exercises you try, just do them and do them some more. It's an investment of effort. Doesn't cost anything, just the time it takes to do them, though machines or mats or weights or gym memberships could be helpful. But just actually doing them for a long time will pay off.

It got me thinking...our spiritual lives are the same way. We read a chapter or some verses or start a devotional book and after a few days wonder why we're not a Bible scholar. Same thing...sticking with it and letting the messages truly soak in will pay off.

I've never really been so persistent in these two areas of my life, and since joining them together...making my weight-loss journey a spiritual journey...remarkable things are happening and I'm too excited about the results to keep them to myself! I hope it will encourage you. :)

Thanks for reading...but now that you know the secret, get to work!

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