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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Good To Be Back Among The LIVING!

The flu has visited the Robinson household, and let me tell you, it's never welcome back! The first couple of days were nothing but sleep and misery. Then a few days of waaay too much tv. But at least I got a great idea for our Tuesday morning quick and easy recipe!

I haven't spent much time on this station before, but got some great ideas. Flash-Fried Steak with White Bean Mash looked entirely too easy and delicious, especially when I find a great sale on steak. (BTW: did you know Save-A-Lot reduces the price on meats on the sell-by date? A great reason to stop in often!) Also of tremendous interest from the same Cooking Channel episode, Instant Chocolate Mousse. You'll seem like an expert chef when you make this for your dinner guests - or better yet the VIPs in your life: your family! Break out the fancy dishes and enjoy a meal together that's quick, easy and affordable.

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