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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

RIP Dana Key

Co-founder of the group DeGarmo & Key passed away on Sunday, apparently due to a blood clot. He was only 56. They were one of my first Christian concerts back in...about....1990, I think. I was in the front row! Dana gave a brief message during the show, no wonder he ended up pastoring a church for many years as well. I'm so thankful I was part of a group that got to see them do a D&K reunion concert 2 years ago in Nashville.

He may not have penned these lyrics, but it's his version of the song that I knew and one that made Dana Key one of my favorites.

Some say He was an outlaw
That He roamed across the land
With a band of unscholled ruffians
And a few old fishermen
No one knew just where He came rom
Or exactly what He'd done
But they said it must be something bad
That kept Him on the run

Said He was an outlaw

Some say He was a poet
That He'd stand on a hill
And His voice could calm a angry crowd
And make the waves stand still
That He spoke in many parables
That few could understand
But the people could sar for hours
Just to listen to this man

They said He was an outlaw

Some say He was a sorcerer
A man of mystery
He would walk upon the water
He could make a blind man see
That He conjured wine at weddings
And did tricks with fish and bread
That He talked of being born again
And raised people from the dead
They say He was an outlaw

Some say a politician
Who spoke of being free
He was followed by the masses
On the shores of Galilee
He spoke out against corruption
And He bowed to no decree
And they feared His strenght and power
So they nailed Him to a tree

Said He was an outlaw

Some say He was the Son of God
A man above all men
But He came to be a servant
And to set us free from sin
And that's who I believe He was
Cause that's who I believe
And I think we should get ready
Cause it's time for us to leave

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