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Monday, August 10, 2009

A Simple Prayer

"Dear God, let some word that is heard be Yours."

It's what Fred Rogers prayed each day as he walked into the studio door of his famous neighborhood. The program began the year before I was born and was foundational to my first few years.

I recently read "The Simple Faith of Mister Rogers: Spiritual Insights from the World's Most Beloved Neighbor" by Amy Hollingsworth. And while this esteemed author may not like the fact that I picked the book up at a Goodwill store, I am certainly grateful that it's original owner decided to pass it on rather than let it collect dust.

There were so many profound things in the book, some of which I shared on the air as I was reading it. He truly was a man who had the right perspective and sowed into the lives of more people than he ever knew. Thanks to Amy Hollingsworth and her book we can all continue to learn from our favorite neighbor.

This simple prayer that he prayed each day is something I've been praying for years as I am on the air. I just never had it down to a brief sentence. That portion of the book, Mister Rogers' prayer life, has inspired and encouraged me. It's been my greatest "take-away" from the book.

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  1. Sounds like a definite "must read!" I now live in Gainesville, but tune in to WHIF when driving through your listening area. It is so wonderful to hear others proclaim their faith to the world via radio! Thank you for all the love you have shared with so many, for so long!

    May your day overflow with the love of the Father!

    ~Lois Tappan