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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What Was I Thinking?

We're doggie sitting this week for two other dogs, and we already have two. In trying to get my exercise I was going to walk them 2 @ a time like I did yesterday without any problems. But today, the two hyper ones ran out the door themselves as I was calmly walking the two weenie dogs out on their leashes. It was a catastrophe!!! Needless to say I got my exercise running all over the neighborhood and trying to keep them out of the street!!! At one point my weenie dog pulled her head out of her collar so I thought I still had her but didn't. Then the other one was in the road on his extra long leash while I was fixing her up. What a sight that musta been! So glad I don't have pics for you to view. :)

We're ALL now on the couch under the AC vent!

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