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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

One of My Fav's

When I like something I stick with it! One of my favorite items to order in a restaurant is found at Beef-O-Brady's, the Big Catch Salad. I went for a long time without looking at their menu and just rattling off my order: big catch salad, grilled, no onions, honey mustard. The waitress didn't have to ask anything else. Sadly, it's not on the menu anymore, just listed as a sandwich but you can get it as a salad. that I am dieting (again! - how did I get back to this weight? oh well...that's another story...) I wanted to figure out how to make it at home and it's so yummy:

Make a salad however you like it. Mine usually has some combination of romaine lettuce, spring mix and/or spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts, avacado and sugar snap peas. Then take a fish fillet like tilapia or whiting or whatever you've got and pan fry it with Pam or EVOO and whatever seasoning you like. I use Mrs Dash and paprika, but lemon pepper and dill would be good, too. Put the hot fish right on top of your salad and sprinkle freshly grated or canned parmesan cheese over it. Instead of smothering it with dressing, use a little of your favorite low-cal dressing sprinkled on it or on the side as a dip.

I've got to make this tonight for supper, it's making me hungry!!

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